Why join us?
Become a part of the mission to provide high quality affordable education to Bharat!
Role with a purpose
Role with an opportunity to enhance the quality of education in Bharat
Fun at work
Fun at work with gymnasium, table tennis, pool etc. Free lunches for employees.
Collaborative culture
Easily approachable and cooperative team with no airs around designations
Flexible working policy
Flexibile working hours and employee friendly leave policies
Life at Sankalp Bharat
A workspace that promotes professional and personal growth.
Top Faculties
Exp : 19 Yrs
Sarvesh Dixit Sir
Physical Chemistry Head
Exp : 14 Yrs
Tarun Kumar Sir
Botony Head
Exp : 11 Yrs
Siddhartha Misra
Maths Head
Exp : 14 Yrs
Manish Dubey Sir
Zoology Head
Exp : 10 Yrs
Aditya Anand Sir
Physics Head
Exp : 05 Yrs
Vishal Tiwari Sir
Chemistry Head
Our Hiring Process
Steps you go through to be a part of our team.
Online Test
Sankalp Bharat initiates the recruitment process with an online test. This test covers a range of subjects, including Mathematics, Zoology, Botany, Chemistry, and Physics. Depending on the candidate's preferred subject, they will receive a corresponding test paper. Each subject-specific test has a duration of 60 minutes and must be completed within that time frame. Candidates have the flexibility to tackle the questions in any order.
Academic Round
Candidates who successfully pass the online test proceed to the academic round. During this stage, Sankalp Bharat's Academic Head assesses the candidate's subject-specific knowledge and understanding. This round involves challenging questions that test the depth of their concepts in their respective subject domains.
HR Round
The HR round serves as the final stage of the recruitment process. It involves inquiries related to the candidate's resume, their desired job role, and their reasons for wanting to join Sankalp Bharat. Additionally, basic HR questions such as "What are your career goals?" and "Why do you want to work at Sankalp Bharat" are posed. This round evaluates the candidate's communication skills, confidence, and overall attitude. Being articulate and self-assured in expressing one's thoughts is the key to excel in this round.
We take care of you so that you can build Bharat with us !